My feeling about cricket!

Cricket is one of my favorite sports since I was little. I always wanted to be a cricketer. I have been playing cricket since 2nd grade.

Where was cricket originated

Cricket was invented in southern England and introduced in the 18th century. In the period, cricket was played between youngsters within the rural area. Stone was in the place of a ball, and also the players used a straightforward bat formed from a branch.

How do you play crciket?

Cricket is a bat and ball game, which is similar to baseball but much more. Cricket is played on a circular field in the middle of which is a pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wickets with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to block this and dismiss each batter. Include being bowled, when the ball hits the stumps and knocks the bails, and by the fielding side catching the ball after its hit by, but before it hits the bottom. When ten batters have been dismissed, the innings finish, and therefore the groups swap roles.

How many players and team

There are 11 players in one team. There are ten international teams played around the world, and 104 ICC members, with 12 full Members and 92 Associate Members.


There are 11 positions for 11 players. Wicketkeeper, Slip, Gully, Point, Cover, Third man, Fine leg, Mid-wicket, Mid-off, Square leg.

Why do I enjoy cricket?

I enjoy cricket because it has a lot of teamwork and I like working with other people. Cricket is the only sport I played since I was a child.